Drinni und Draußi!

“Fantasy and reality often overlap.” - Walt Disney

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Sento qualcosa di insoddisfatto nel mio cuore, sempre.
Francesco Petrarca, Secretum. (via nonsorridermipiutiprego)
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The Tudor rose

The Tudor rose was the emblem of the Tudors and represented the fusion of the Lancastrian and Yorkist noble factions. This fusion was symbolised by the White rose of York and the Red rose of Lancaster. It marked the end of the devastating English civil war called the Wars of the Roses. The Tudor rose emblem was used as a badge, a distinctive device worn as a symbol of loyalty and allegiance. It was also used for propaganda. It can be found on many old buildings in England. Hampton Court palace has many examples of the Tudor rose, the most notable can be seen on Anne Boleyn’s Gate. The tradition and emblem is still used in modern day England. Even the current 20p coin displays a Tudor rose.

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i was crying in my car in front of the mcdonalds near my house eating french fries and listening to my sad playlist in the car and a black guy tapped on my window and just gave me life changing advice “its going to be ok lil nigga you can do it” 

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